MES Consulting Services.
MES Consulting Services
Electrical Safety Programs • Electrical Safety Training • Federal Safety Regulations Compliance • Electrical Accident Investigation

Safety Training.Our firm offers comprehensive training services to assist customers with providing a safe workplace for personnel working on electrical systems. The goal of our training is to develop and provide training that is customized to the customer's needs, job tasks, and the skill sets of their employees. Our training incorporates the OSHA regulations, NFPA 70E requirements, and applicable best work practices. Some of our areas of focus include:

  • Provide electrical safety training in the following areas:
    • Electrical safety awareness training
    • Electrical safety training for supervisors
    • Electrical safety training the workers
    • Working on or near live parts
    • Lockout/tagout
    • Voltage testing
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Electrical safety auditing
  • Guidance to assist the company with criteria, protocols, and documentation to determine if the worker is qualified to perform a specific task
  • Guidance in providing safe work practices utilizing NFPA 70E Requirements

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